With more than 20 years of experience in the international energy & mobility industry, the founding partners of IKAR Industries will turn their investments into success stories. We believe that the era of renewables and e-mobility is upon us and will be a key focus along with continuing to find value added projects in traditional energy markets.

Uniquely positioned between the energy rich Middle East and Central Asian countries as a reliable route of supply for the growing energy demands in Europe, countries like Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan serve as a natural energy corridor. These trends will continue with the development of the regions renewable and traditional sources power generation.

IKAR Energy plans to establish investments in distressed production capabilities, in renewables and traditional distribution companies, to develop a portfolio that contains assets representing the full energy & mobility spectrum. This will provide balance and resilience along with reoccurring revenue streams for future growth.

IKAR Industries aims to invest in real estate & infrastructure projects which create sustainable, risk-adjusted investment returns by deploying our tested skill base in underwriting, structuring, and executing various value enhancements and exit strategies. This is supported by our strong sourcing network, which has been developed over more than two decades in the market. Our core strength is a deep local knowledge and understanding of both property markets and capital markets, which allows us to take advantage of the right opportunities at the right time.

We invest in strategies ranging from hard asset acquisitions to investments in real estate companies and real estate secured distressed debt.

Our network includes on-the-ground expertise in Middle East, Europe and North America.

IKAR Industries seeks to earn superior risk-adjusted returns by applying our founding partners deep operating and investment expertise, combined with the proven management advice.

Combining our substantial industry operating and investment experiences, together with our unparalleled industry network we can identify and develop investment in both new growth markets and around new technologies creating an attractive and diverse portfolio of the global security & safety industry.

For every business in which we invest, IKAR Industries offers sound, long-term strategic and operational planning advice geared to build and grow these businesses through a combination of organic investments, strategic acquisitions, and superior management.

Our target markets are Middle East, Europe and North America.

IKAR Industries primary objective is to secure profitable equity investments and manage these investments in leisure & travel assets and companies.

Our hands-on approach harnesses a keen understanding of branding and the lifestyle segment, a powerful global network, and a dedicated and experienced team of industry specialists.

IKAR Industries will invest in new concepts, already existing brands, and choice real estate locations bringing renewed vibrance to traditional markets. Combining the spark of creativity and innovation with the demands and taste of the local market is our promise!

The focus of our investment will be dominated by international hotspots such as Istanbul, London, Berlin, Paris, Miami, New York and others.

IKAR Industries will invest in sector growth companies, which are attractively priced and possess strong balance sheets. We are convinced that the inefficiencies inherent in the small and mid-cap market spectrum, in addition to where we are in the economic cycle in emerging markets, are best suited for disciplined, active management. This is IKAR Industries!

With controlling equity investments in manufacturing and industrial companies across a diverse array of sectors, industries and products like Health & Hygiene, basic materials, branded consumer products, luxury products, automotive parts, capital equipment and general manufacturing we will fulfill a critical niche and significant area of investment opportunity and demand.

IKAR Industries will invest in such promising companies in various Emerging Markets, Europe and North America.

IKAR Industries is closely following the latest trends and future of technology, examples of these include biotechnology, composite and advance materials, environmental and agriculture technology, precision manufacturing, and finance.

Automation & digitization today is touching every industry where technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in areas like financial management have led to a revolution in this industry, demonstrated by the fact that AI tech augmented trading strategies have outperformed all traditional global funds over the last 5 years. New AI tech- based trading strategies will bring the speed and certainty of AI with the decision-making transparency required by banking regulation.

We believe that this and other automation & digitization will drive the expansion of innovation and new business development for the foreseeable future and will look to partner with projects being developed by Education & Research institution along with emerging entrepreneurs to continue to stay on the face of the wave.