We are here to
make the
World Better

The IKAR Global Institute is a business think-tank that promotes the betterment of the human condition through enterprise, innovation and most importantly the training of our next generation of Global Leaders. Its primary objective is to build a vibrant community, provide thought leadership, and promote new opportunities for the thinkers, doers, makers, and innovators building the economies and societies of the future.

At the IKAR Institute, our theory of change differs from most institutes. We believe that peace derives prosperity-trade relations, open markets, smaller governments, and norm-governed societies reduce the propensity for aggression. Positive change is best achieved by the creation of value through enterprise and innovation. Policy does play a role in this process by enforcing rules, marshalling resources, and removing obstacles, but it is not the primary actor and we do not engage with it as such. Our Vision is that true global change will occur through human leadership that represents all sectors of our society and represents all continents.

The Institute is headquartered in Vienna, with offices in Istanbul, San Francisco’s Silicon Valley and Boston.

Executive Board

Co-Founder, IKAR Global Institute

Driven to lead IKAR into the new future of entrepreneurship.

Co- Founder, IKAR Global Institute

“Injecting his military leadership skills and mission- based commitment into the IKAR world.” With a 20+ year career as a United States Marine Officer, Howard began his private sector career when he joined Goldman Sachs. Subsequently, Howard was the President and CEO of the American- Turkish Council in  Washington.

Chairman, IKAR Global Institute

Former Vice Chancellor of Austria, Former Finance and Foreign Minister of Austria.

Vice Chairman, IKAR Global Institute

Former Turkish Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance & Economics.

Represented Turkey at the G20, IMF, WB, OECD and IsDB. Member of Advisory Council at Tent Partnership for Refugees, NY.”

Vice Chairman ,IKAR Global Institute

Global geopolitical leader. Former US Ambassador to NATO. Founding Director of the McCainInstitute.Distinguished Fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis.

Managing Director, IKAR Global Institute

Former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan and the former Deputy Assistant to US Secretary of State.

Former Director of White House National Security Council for Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, the South Caucasus, and Central Asia. Board Member at the Jamestown Foundation, Nonresident SeniorFellow at the Atlantic Council. Serves on the leadership counsels of several energy conglomerates.

Board  member of several international holdings as well  at the Jamestown Foundation.

Secretary-General, IKAR Global Institute

Peter is an entrepreneur with experience in technology, travel, hospitality, and real estate. Peter uses his background in robotics to build systems and processes that drive best practices in organizational development.

Leadership Counsel

Chairwoman, Leadership Counsel

Co-founder and leader of the world’s first women led influencer fund, creating new business opportunities for women globally. First Black Female CEO with a SPAC listed on the NYSE. First woman to win an Ernst & Young (EY) Entrepreneur Of The Year® award in the technology sector.

Deputy Chairman, Leadership Counsel

4-Star USMC General (ret)

Former Combatant Commander for United States Africa Command, responsible for all United States military engagements and operations across the African continent.

Deputy Chairman,Leadership Counsel

Global Business Media Leader Chief Editor of Inc. magazine, US.

Leadership Counsel

Former CEO of Victoria’s Secret, President of Tory Burch, & CEO of Club Monaco

Leadership Counsel

Global entrepreneur. Former CEO & Owner of one of the world’s leading sports & entertainment representation & marketing firms. Founder of global business accelerator company and also a managing director of US  sports and media investment bank.

Leadership Counsel

Selected by Wired Magazine as “One of the Top 100 Most Influential Tech People in the World.” Founder of Markafoni, the first online fashion site of Turkey. Seasoned and aggressive technology investor with insight into innovation and next trends, having engineered a huge personal portfolio of global tech investments.

Leadership Counsel

EV mobility visionary and tech entrepreneur. Great Grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and son of legendary Volkswagen AG Chairman, Ferdinand Piëch. Embodies powerful legacy from the past with modern insights and vision

Leadership Counsel

As global leader of defense and aerospace industry, built some of the largest defense and aerospace programs in the world. Former European President of Lockheed  Martin.

Leadership Counsel

Global Media Leader

Chief Editor of Wired magazine , UK.

Leadership Counsel

Former Under-Secretary of US Department of State and Counselor of the United States Department of  State.

Bridges political, military and business worlds from WestPoint to Bain to US government. Has exceptional and unique insight in the global trends in leading business, society and government.

Leadership Counsel

Retired astronaut, retired US Navy Captain, former military fighter pilot and engineer. Commanded the International Space Station on 3 expeditions and was a member of the yearlong mission to the ISS. Set record for the total number of days in space, the longest by an American astronaut.

Leadership Counsel

Former Economy Minister of Hungary. Led programs with the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, and the European Central Bank.

Leadership Counsel

Leading expert, investor, and fund manager in Blockchain and Crypto Currency. Specialized think tank advisor for incubators and successful tech entrepreneur.

Formerly held positions at eminent institutions such as Bain, Mckinsey, & IBM. Stanford MBA and Harvard BA. Named as one of the 23 most powerful LGBT+ people in technology by Business Insider.

Leadership Counsel

Former CEO of Diane Von Furstenberg and current CEO of retail tech company, Project Verte. Has been named a 2021 Latina of Influence, a 2021 Female Founders Alliance Champion, a top 100 Latina Leader, Top Ten Líderes in Business, a 2020 Top Woman in Retail, and was honored by Girls Inc for her impact across communities.

Leadership Counsel

Regarded Top Female global energy leader at World Energy Counsel. Renowned geopolitical energy expert having led various prominent NOC and IOC’s worldwide. Founder of the “Access for Women in Energy” NGO Governing board member at National Resource Governance Institute, NY.

Leadership Counsel

Former director of Space X, Former Aerospace Executive, and Senior Advisor on Military Affairs, US Department of State.

Leadership Counsel

2 x Paralympian, Beijing and London. Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker. A highly skilled sports professional, motivational speaker and a highly reputed coach where he specializes in coaching disabled athletes.